1) Manufacture of synthetic materials and shoemaking components

a) upper

BODOR 1,5 - 1,7 mm
Engrained impregnated felt furnished with surface finishing with design in different shades. It is mostly manufactured in red color, design adobe.
Utilization: work shoes, sandals, furnishings.

Utilization: as an upper material for the manufacture of bags.

We execute layering of cow or pig split leather with foil by polyurethane treatment. Basic colors are white and black.
Utilization: salutary sandals, walking shoes and in furnishings.

b) lining

OPOMAT with design 0,8 – 1,2 mm according to the shade
Utilization: stock lining material, inner stiffening material
  OPOMAT 60            OPOMAT 69           OPOMAT 21            OPOMAT 11
OPOMAT 88          OPOMAT 55           OPOMAT 80          OPOMAT 32

ANTIOPOMAT smooth 0,8 – 1,2 mm according to the shade
It excels by high abrasion.
Utilization: lining material for belts and latchets, inner stiffening material


SYNPOD with design 0,8 – 1,2 mm
Impregnated felt, which is surface finished by pigskin design.
Utilization: work shoes’ lining material, slippers’ and children’ shoes sock lining.

  SYNPOD 60          SYNPOD 69           SYNPOD 26          SYNPOD 88          SYNPOD chrom

SYNPOD smooth 0,8 – 1,2 mm
It excels by high absorption and water adsorption. Utilization: upper material for work gloves, background material for orthopedic insole.

SYNPOD 88 - smooth

SYNPOD with coating 0,8 – 1,2 mm
Utilization: work shoes’ insole material, sandals’ lining.

SYNPOD special with coating and printing
Utilization: cork, salutary or beach shoes’ insole material

TALURA smooth
Spacing lining material for wide use.

TALURA smooth with self-adhesive rubbing in
Utilization: inner lining of walking shoes – sandals.

c) shoemaking components

Sock linings, molded insoles, orthopedic insoles, relieved rubber insoles with textile, TP insoles with fusbet (salutary and sandals)


d) semi-finished products

They are determined for shoemaking manufacture and furnishings.
Backed insoles, stretching insoles, sock linings, stiffening material stiffened by the treatment with thermo-layer, irrigated chive material – self-adjusting, relieved fusbet insoles, stiffening partitions – bags, handbags, suitcases, hold-alls


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