3) Lamination and sticking textiles (rubber cleavage)

We execute lamination of different non-woven and woven textile with foam rubber, rubber, porethen, kontypore, medapore, cork etc.


- superroyal, gambrela, izofix etc. lamination + foam rubber according to required strength utilization: shoe lining, insole material, salutary requisites (fixation means)


- different color and hardness rubber lamination utilization: orthopedic aids, insoles, rubber soles, beach shoes

- porethene, kontypore, mediapore and cork lamination
utilization: sock lining, sticking insole, molded insole, shaped insole, orthopedic aids, molded padding for bags and cases


- textile sticking by natural latex
  utilization: upper material – slippers, football boots, trainers, beach shoes


- sticking rubbers with other kinds of material (rubber, textile, felt, leather)

display of specific commission – material for gymnastics shoes


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